Founded by Thomas Waring in 1977, The Cherry Cove Group is lead and managed by a dedicated group of professionals with experience in varying fields. Get to know our lovely leadership team and see who is behind Cherry Cove’s customer service-oriented philosophy. The success of Cherry Cove is determined by our success in operating as a unified team.

Mission and Values

At Cherry Cove, we pledge to provide distinctive quality and unparalleled customer service to our customers. Our mission is to “Do it Right the First Time”, and exceed the expectations of everyone we work with. Learn more about the Cherry Cove mission, values, and philosophy.

Social Responsibility

As a part of the Maryland community, we understand our social responsibility and constantly give back to the community that has been so kind to us. Learn about the many different community service events that Cherry Cove hosts, and about our Going Green initiatives.


Cherry Cove’s founder has shown genuine concern for the Southern Maryland area, and his compassion is reflected in the many philanthropies that the business donates to and sponsors. Learn more about the many organizations that Cherry Cove supports.