Operations Overview


Our goal at Cherry Cove group is to ensure that all of our guests receive outstanding service and prompt attention that exceeds expectations. This approach to our operations has been molded by our commitment to providing exceptional service to our customers, all the while emphasizing proper cleanliness and safety for all our residents.

Employee training in customer service is an ongoing process that guarantees our guests receive the best care and customer service possible. Each employee is required to undergo extensive training upon hiring, as well as continuing training throughout the entire length of their service with Cherry Cove.

Each of our properties is fully inspected twice a year to review all aspects of the properties. Problem areas are identified and plans for remediation are put into place promptly. A key success element of our operations is the proactivity of our employees and senior level executives. If there is an issue, we make sure to resolve it immediately, and before it becomes a real problem.

Communication is another key element of Cherry Cove’s operations and corporate culture. We maintain open and consistent communication with all our properties through frequent meetings with the property managers and employees, as well as frequent site visits. We hope that this passion for communication also transcends to our residents and guests, and that they come to us with any questions, concerns, or issues that may arise.