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Properties Under Development

When the Cherry Cove Group launches a new development project, our top priority is ensuring that the new facilities are designed and built for long-term success. This means not only meeting construction deadlines on budget and on time, but also earning investor satisfaction. Whenever the Cherry Cove Group decides on the development of a new property, the final decision is based on the ultimate profitability and success in the long-term. We identify and develop properties based on the following fundamental criteria:

  • Strong, established market
  • Opportunity to offer the community something it lacks
  • Potential to implement innovative architecture and design
  • Ability to create an affordable product with long-term value


Cherry Cove Group’s design and construction team have decades of experience in the construction and development of hotels of all sizes, and we are proud to help build up the Maryland community since 1997. Our commitment to long-term positive impact and profitability runs strongly through the roots of our business development approach, and we stand side-by-side with our investment partners to manage the ultimate success of each venture.

Below are Cherry Cove Group properties that currently are under development:

Homewood Suites | Baltimore, MD - Serving John Hopkins Bayview Campus

Hampton Inn and Suites | Baltimore, MD - Serving John Hopkins Bayview Campus

Click here to see a live view of the development progress.